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North American Haflinger and Draft Pony Colt Futurity

The North American Haflinger and Draft Pony Colt Futurity is intended to encourage breeding programs throughout the Haflinger and Draft Pony industry to produce colts of exceptional utility and provide additional marketing avenues for the colts from these programs. The Futurity will promote these colts in a different venue, highlighting the diversity of the colts at halter as well as under harness while offering the exhibitors a monetary reward for the superior performance of these colts as three year olds.

The Futurity will promote the sale of quality yearlings annually at the Indiana Haflinger and Draft Pony Sale in Howe, IN. Purchasers of the Futurity eligible colts will have the option to bring the colt purchased at the Futurity sale back to the Indiana Haflinger and Draft Pony Sale as three-year olds to compete in halter, obstacle, and cart rail classes. Yearling colts and fillies consisting of Haflingers and Draft Ponies will be offered at the Futurity sale held in April 2015 to allow for a three (3) year old competition in the year 2017. The 2016 and subsequent Futurity sales will consist of colts born in the calendar year immediately prior to the sale resulting in competition that would take place two years after these colts are sold. There will be a monetary purse, resulting of the colts sold, which will in turn be awarded to those colts returning for futurity in two years. The Indiana Haflinger and Draft Pony Sale will handle all monetary transactions and the transfer of registration papers.

The Concept:
Breeders or owner of mare at time of foaling will nominate and sell their registered yearlings with 50 percent of the selling price going to the consignor; 40 percent going into the futurity purse; 5 percent going towards a Breeders Award Program; and 5 percent going towards administrative expenses (Judges and programs for the competition)

Committee Members:

*All Indiana Haflinger and Draft Pony Sale policies will apply to the cataloging and sale of the Futurity colts.
*The Futurity will be open to all registered Haflinger and Draft Pony colts (stallions, mares, and geldings) born in the calendar year prior to the sale.
*Colts consigned to the futurity, can ONLY be consigned by the person that raised the colt (owned mare at time of foaling) and therefore is registered in his/her name.
*There will be a $ 1000.00 minimum bid for all colts in the futurity sale. If no bids are received the consignor is responsible for the purchase of the colt.
*Consigners are allowed to purchase their entry(s) in the Futurity sale.
*Horses changing ownership after the sale but prior to the futurity retain their eligibility for the futurity, if and only if, the Committee has been notified by the said horse's current owner, prior to entry in the futurity. All moneys will go to the current owner of the entry.
* North American Haflinger and Draft Pony Colt Futurity Committee Members and the Indiana Haflinger and Draft Pony Sale Committee reserve the right to refuse any entry not fit or ready for the sale or the futurity, without redemption of entry fees.
* All futurity consignments must be consigned prior to printing of sale catalogue.
*All horses must have a negative Coggins test prior to the sale and the futurity.
*All horses returning for the futurity are eligible to consign in the Indiana Haflinger and Draft Pony Sale, but are not obligated to do so.

* There will be a $50.00 consignment fee for all colts entering the futurity sale. This consignment fee will be retained by the Indiana Haflinger and Draft Pony Sale to offset costs, such as the facility, auctioneers, advertising, publishing results and any other sale costs that may occur as well as the extra time and work involved in hosting the futurity. This fee is due when horse is consigned.

There will be a $ 50.00 entry fee for those colts returning as three year-olds for competition in the futurity. This will go towards cost of stalling, programs, and awards.

Rights Reserved by the Indiana Haflinger and Draft Pony Colt Futurity Committee
1) The Committee reserves the right to reject any entry not believed to match the sale entry.
2) The sale committee reserves the right to inspect all horses and match them to their registration papers. If the futurity committee feels the entry does not match the colt sold two years previous, they reserve the right to do a DNA test at the owner's expense to confirm a match.
3) The Committee reserves the right to decide any point not covered by the rules and to correct any errors or make alterations as it sees fit.
4) The Committee reserves the right to change dates and locations of the Indiana Haflinger and Draft Pony Futurity.

Payout of Futurity Purse:
Up to ten places will be paid out. Payout amounts will be based on the 40 percent of the gross sales of the yearlings sold. As an example, the total available purse for a three year-old competition in the year 2017, will be 40 percent of the gross sale revenues from the yearlings sold in 2015.

For year 2017 (Yearlings of 2015) purse distribution is:
1st Place=30%
2nd Place=20%
3rd Place=10%
4th Place=8%
5th Place=7%
6th Place=6%
7th Place=5.5%
8th Place=5%
9th Place=4.5%
10th Place=4%

Breeders Award:
Distribution of the 5% of gross sales goes as follows:
Breeder of the 1st Place Three year-old receives 2.5%
Breeder of the 2nd Place Three year-old receives 1.5%
Breeder of the 3rd Place Three year-old receives 1.0%

*There will be panel judging which will consist of 3 judges. The Show Coordinator and Advisory Committee are responsible for contracting all judges.
*Placing scores for each competition will be combined for the final placing with the lowest total points being superior. Any ties will be broken by the Head Judge, who will be determined by the drawing of names from the hat.




Thanks to Kari Newman for volunteering her American Draft Pony gelding, Kilchii, our Representative for the American Draft Pony Association & Registry for the Minnesota area.  Kilchii has been ridden English, Western, and sidesaddle, shown in English and driving, been used for trail rides and sleigh rides, been a book cover model, and qualified for Western Saddle Club Association National Championship show.  As such, Kilchii is exemplary of the versatility, and willingness typical of our breed. Thanks again Kari, and good luck with this year's show season!


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