American Draft Pony Association


Breeding for the betterment of the American Draft Pony

A Draft Pony is a miniature of one of the established Draft Horse breeds (Belgian, Percheron, Clydesdale, Shire, Suffolk, American Cream, Spotted Draft) and MUST show the conformation character of a draft horse. It is the goal of this association to promote a Draft Pony that resembles one of these breeds, COLOR NOT TO BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST. The main difference between a Draft Pony and draft horse is size. A Draft Pony should be an exact replica, on a smaller scale, and should NOT exceed 58" in height, when measured behind the front leg, from the ground to the top of the withers. Any animals registered with the Association that exceed the height limit will be considered "Breeding Stock" as it is not always genetically possible to keep draft horse & pony crosses under 14.2hh (58").

please Enjoy some video selections of the american draft pony from Youtube

Indiana State Fair Draft Pony Team Class

Indiana State Fair Draft Pony 6 Hitch

Indiana State Fair Draft Pony Unicorn

Draft Pony Live Birth

Windmill Farm Trevor Schooling Jump Show

American Draft Ponies at Liberty

Kids with their Draft Pony









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